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Photography Daniel Gurton at work:agency
Fashion Matthew Roland Bannister
Hair and make-up Teneille Sorgiovanni at work:agency using YSL Beauty
Talent Jeremy Tatar and Romy Edinger-Reeve

The disciplined

A pair of classical musicians sit—and stand—for Museum.

Jeremy Tatar and Romy Edinger-Reeve met for the first time when sitting for this series of Museum portraits, which sees them wrapped in Calvin Klein and clutching their instruments close. Both are open and smiley and possess all the habits that make for pleasant communicators—but something happens when you stumble onto the topic of music: their eyes get wider, and they speak with an impossible, unbridled earnestness. At that point, all you want to do is listen to them play.

Jeremy, a flautist, began learning as a kid. He now teaches what’s colloquially known as ‘ear training’ at the Conservatorium of Music, and is completing an MA majoring in musicology (with a focus on the specific sounds that emerged from Poland post-WW2). Born to parents with a classical background, a very small Romy was to play viola, because, she explains “there is always a severe drought of viola players.” Violin had been gauged as a transition instrument, training wheels for a 7-year-old just starting out in classical music. But something about the smallest and highest pitched member of the violin family bewitched her, and she never made the switch.





“One piece that is really special for me is the Romeo and Juliet Overture by Tchaikovsky. I first played it in late high school as part of an orchestra, and it was my first time playing principal flute in such a big, romantic work. (In an orchestra there is only one wind and brass player for each part, so in some ways everyone is a soloist) … I had a big crush on the girl playing percussion, and I tried to use that for inspiration every time I played it.”



“[My violin] was handmade by Cyprus-born luthier Harry Vatiliotis. Harry studied under the esteemed Arthur Edward Smith, and without doubt is one of Australia’s most prolific luthiers. His violins are based on Stradivari and Guarneri forms, where he only uses traditional timbers obtained from Gleissner in Germany. Growing up I played a Gliga (Geneva) from Romania, just like every other kid.”



Shirts and pants Calvin Klein


Jacket Calvin Klein, top and jeans Calvin Klein Jeans


Polo shirts Calvin Klein


Suit Calvin Klein


Top Calvin Klein Collection, top (worn under) Calvin Klein ck one

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